Marcus Walters – Photographer

For twenty one years now I have been a photographer. For twelve of those years, I have been shooting Actors Headshots in Sydney, Byron Bay and Brisbane. In that time my work has evolved and developed into very clean and modern style that works both in the Australian market and the US market. Over time I like to continually change and improve my photography, so as not to produce the same work all of the time. I am especially known for my colourful natural light headshots that capture the personality and warmth of the subject. I like to work with more subtle expressions that convey a sense of mystery while at the same time conveying the actor’s inner warmth. I don’t shoot any more than two or three actors in a day as I like to allow time to get to know my client as well as give them the time to relax into the shoot.

Over the years I have developed strong ties with Sydney Acting Agents and Brisbane Acting Agents as well as shooting Graduates of some of the best Acting Schools in Sydney such as AIMDA, AIM, and Sydney Theatre School. I also shoot for some of the leading Child Acting and Modelling Agencies in Sydney, Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Brisbane.

Apart from Actors Headshots, I also shoot on a regular basis for National Geographic Channel and FX Channel, creating the key art for a lot of the promo’s that you see on their channels. I have photographed quite a few celebrities over the time, such as Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), HG Nelson, Allison Cratchley (All Saints) and Mike Goldman (Big Brother) to name a few.

Check out the galleries on my portfolio page for the wide variety of work that I shoot. I have spent many years shooting Acting Headshots, Model Test and Model PortfoliosDance Photography as well as Real Estate and Corporate Photography.