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What makes a good Actors Headshot?

I have been thinking a lot lately about what the difference is between a good Actors Headshot and a bad Actors Headshot. Sometimes the differences are obvious, but quite often there is a very subtle difference between good and bad. read more about What makes a good Actors Headshot?

Photo essay - Kangaroo Valley

Three days of solitude… with my wife and son. read more about Photo essay - Kangaroo Valley

“What was your favourite shoot?”

I get asked this question from time to time… as well as "Who is the most famous person you have photographed?" At this stage in the conversation, generally during an actors headshot shoot, I make same vague comment about not really shooting celebrities and move the conversation back onto my photographic subject. I'm quite apt at diverting conversation away from myself! read more about “What was your favourite shoot?”

Time to blog!

Marley Danger (my son) in bed… Vodka poured… Right! So what to write about? Photography?… that's a no brainer! Rant about something?… Well, thats to be expected I suppose. Possibly showcase some of my Southern cooking exploits?… definitely! This blog is going to be as random and unorganised (and angry) as my brain. I figure that if I have to live with it, I might as well inflict it on other people! read more about Time to blog!